Parcelspot Affiliate Program

Parcelspot is in the business of providing online courier services, enabling customers to deliver, pay and track their parcel deliveries in an easy, convenient and seamless manner.

The market size makes it an exciting business opportunity and Parcelspot has developed an Affiliate Program that enables you to become sign up as an Affiliate, promote Parcelspot, attract customers and build your own ongoing revenue business in an easy, convenient and seamless manner, using the Parcelspot system.

The ongoing revenue model allows you to earn money on a customer spend each month. Therefore, by building the customer base each month, you will increase your ongoing revenue each month and build sustainable earnings for yourself into the future.

BECOME AN AFFILIATE and earn money


Once you have registered as an affiliate you will have access to tools that will enable you to target customers for Parcelspot.

You will receive a unique identifying URL code and you will have access to banners that will enable you to promote the Parcelspot Services to your customers. Your customers can click on the link or banners and use Parcelspot Courier Services.

When potential customers click on the links, they become your leads. When they start spending they become customers.

You can also use the Admin feature to sign up customers face to face.

From all the customers that are introduced through the URL code or signed up directly, you will be eligible to receive Ongoing Revenue.


You can become an affiliate by registering on


Ongoing revenue is what you will earn from Customer orders, calculated as a percentage of Monthly Spend (Invoiced Amount) as shown in the table below, for each tier of spending.

Monthly Spend (ex VAT) Cash Back Upfront Discount Effective Saving Affiliate OGR
Non-Registered Customer 0,0 % 0,0 % 0,0 % 9,0 %
Registered Customer 0,0 % 10,0 % 10,0 % 8,0 %
> R 2 500,00 1,5 % 10,0 % 11,5 % 6,5 %
> R 5 000,00 3,5 % 10,0 % 13,5 % 4,5 %
> R 10 000,00 7,0 % 10,0 % 17,0 % 3,5 %
> R 15 000,00 9,5 % 10,0 % 19,5 % 2,5 %
> R 30 000,00 12,5 % 10,0 % 22,5 % 1,5 %
> R 60 000,00 16,0 % 10,0 % 26,0 % 1,5 %

Affiliate OGR on “non-registered” customers:
On customers that use the service but have not registered, you will receive 9% of the invoiced amount. Therefore, assuming such customer has spent R1000 (ex Vat) each month, you will receive 9% which equates to R90 each month OGR and for as long as such customer is using the Parcelspot Services.

Affiliate OGR on “registered” customers:
When a customer registers, the customer receives a 10% up front discount on each order and on such customers, you will receive 8% of the invoiced amount. Therefore, assuming such customer orders amount to R1,000 each month, less the customer discount of 10%, the customer is actually Invoiced for an amount of R975 (ex Vat). Therefore, for such a registered customer, you will receive 8% x R975 spend which equates to R78 ongoing revenue that you will receive each month in respect of such customer and for as long as such customer is using Parcelspot services.

Affiliate OGR on higher spending customers:
In order to cater for higher spending customers, Parcelspot offers the registered customers cash back each month, which is calculated on the volume of purchases (Invoices) for such customers during the month. If any of the customers reach a threshold of monthly spend, they qualify to receive cash back in the following month. You will receive a percentage of ongoing revenue as specified in the table above under Affiliate OGR, for each Tier of spend in accordance with the table above.

For Example, if a customer spends R45,000 each month, you will receive R1 437,50 each month, calculated as follows:

Monthly Spend (ex VAT) Affiliate OGR Actual Tier Spend (ex VAT) OGR
> R 0,00 8,0 % R 2 500,00 R 200,00
Up to R2 500 6,5 % R 2 500,00 R 162,50
> R 5 000,00 4,5 % R 5 000,00 R 225,00
> R 10 000,00 3,5 % R 5 000,00 R 175,00
> R 15 000,00 2,5 % R 15 000,00 R 375,00
> R 30 000,00 1,5 % R 15 000,00 R 225,00
> R 60 000,00 1,5 % R 0,00 R 0,00
Total OGR ex VAT R 45 000,00 R 1 362,50

Since the customer has spent R45 000, in addition to the 10% discount which they have already received as a registered customer, we give them cash back 11% at the end of the month, which equates to R4,950. Their actual spend is R40 050, but you still receive R1 437,50 which equates to an effective 3,58% that you would receive each month and for as long as the customer is using the Parcelspot service.


As an affiliate of Parcelspot, you will have access to dash boards which allows you to track revenue and customer spend so that you can better manage your customers. It also allows you to track your progress as an affiliate and track the progress of the customers you have acquired for Parcelspot. The dashboard also allows you to track your earnings live at any time during the course of the month.


At the end of each calendar month, the Parcelspot system automatically generates an invoice on your behalf and will automatically pays you the OGR into your designated bank account within 7 days.

Parcelspot makes the administration easy for you so that you can focus on getting more customers and building your own Ongoing Revenue (“OGR”).


In order to avoid the abuse of the affiliate model, Parcelspot has introduced the following measures that you need be aware of:

  1. If no new customers are signed up by the affiliate for a consecutive period of 6 months, the system will consider the affiliate to be dormant. In such an event, the system will continue paying you OGR for a further period of 6 months after which OGR ceases to be paid.
  2. We consider the relationship between Parcelspot and the Affiliate to be a partnership, its primary objective is to grow each other’s earnings, to our mutual benefit. Therefore the system monitors total customer spend for each quarter during a calendar year. For this purpose, Q(“Quarter”)1 is January – March; Q2 is April – June; Q3 is July – September; Q4 is October – December.

The totals of each quarter is compared by Parcelspot to the previous Quarter and we understand that there are cycles in business. Therefore it can happen that for example the revenue in Q2 is less than Q1 and Q3 could be up again and Q4 is down again. However, if it is found that there is a decline in revenue on the quarter on previous quarter for 4 consecutive quarters, the system will regard the Affiliate to be dormant. After 4 such quarters, the system will continue paying OGR for a further 6 months after which the OGR will cease to be paid to the Affiliate.

Of course, life may have its challenges sometime and in the event that an Affiliate becomes dormant we would invite the Affiliate to discuss any contributing circumstances and to implement remedy plan as agreed to with Parcelspot.